Roman Tours by Giovanni Tanoni

Licensed Professional Tour Guide

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Important information: 

Please note the following information to ensure a wonderful experience! 

Payment, Tickets & Starting location for your tour

  • Payment is accepted in Euros only (credit cards, foreign currency, checks or traveler's checks are not accepted).
  • ​The meeting point for your tour with Giovanni will be 8:30 AM at your hotel.  At that point you will go to your starting destination for the day by cab. Cab fares are not in Giovanni's rate included (extra).
  • All tickets will have been purchased in advance of your arrival in Rome.  Lines, especially in the summer, are hours long. With Giovanni NO LINE. VIP entrance.

Discounts for children

  • When making your reservation with Giovanni please list the ages of any children who will be with you as they may qualify for a student discount with the presentation of a student ID card .

Proper attire for Vatican city as well as other churches in Rome

  • The Vatican (as well as most churches in Italy) has a strict dress code.  ​Absolutely no bare shoulders, no mini skirts or short shorts for females.  Code is enforced and all clothing must be knee length, no tank tops or bare feet.  You will not be permitted to enter if the dress code is not met as it is not optional.

Security in Vatican City (includes St. Peter's Square & St. Peter's Basilica), the Vatican & Galleria Borghese

  • It is suggested to not carry any backpacks (or keep the content limited to a camera), large purses, golf umbrellas or luggage as it would take a tremendous amount of time to pass through security when you could be inside enjoying the artwork.  Note that small folding umbrella is permitted.  If you have a large purse or lots of contents of your bag you may be asked to check it with Vatican security.
  • It is preferable to travel light due to the fact it's a long walk all the way around the Vatican city wall to return the the security check location to retrieve your items. If they are not retrieved by 4:00 PM you cannot retrieve your item until the following day.
  • All bags will be searched (make sure to not have any knives) or you can leave the item at security.  Note there is a charge for leaving items with security.  Light/small purses and cameras are no problem as they are easily searched. 
  • No animals (i.e. purse dogs) are permitted in Vatican city, St. Peter's square or the Basilica.

  • During your tour Cab fares are the responsibility of the group and are not included in the rate for the Vatican or Ancient Walking Tours of Rome.
  • If you are taking the Christian Tour Giovanni will arrange for a car or minivan as the sites are not close together.  The cost of the transportation will be added to the cost of your tour. 
  • If you would like recommendations for a car to pick you up at the airport Giovanni can make recommendations

"IF” Giovanni is not available he will arrange for another qualified licensed guide.

  • If Giovanni is already booked he will help you arrange another licensed guide to ensure you have a wonderful experience on your tour.

Email confirmation of your reservation 

  • If dates, cell numbers and hotel are provided; then a confirmation email is now able to be sent to client. Contact cell required.

Restaurant Recommendations near your hotel

  • If you would like recommendations of restaurants or great shopping Giovanni can provide some suggestions near your hotel.