Roman Tours by Giovanni Tanoni

Licensed Professional Tour Guide

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Giovanni is a Rome Professional Licensed Tour Guide with over 30 years of experience. Guide Giovanni provides a fan of archeological, architectural, and art tours of the master artists, sculptors, and builders of Rome. Through your eyes, and guided by Giovanni's expertise, you will see "His Rome"; and like so many others you too will fall in love with its hidden treasures and the Roman Culture. With a combination of Giovanni's knowledge of the complete culture of Roman history, the academic facts are delivered with his humor to provide a fun and enjoyable tour experience. Giovanni will conduct all tours in either Italian or English. 

Not all tours are walking tours; however, Giovanni by client request will arrange for a professional driver for a tour not included in Walking Tour rate. There are 5 main tours from which to choose: The Vatican City Tour, The Ancient Rome Tour, The Christian Rome Tour, Panoramic tour, Ostia Antica Tour & Tivoli Tour. To make a reservation with Giovanni it is advised to schedule as far in advance of the tour dates as possible. 

½ day; 1 day; two days in a row; three days- all are examples of possible combinations for Giovanni’s clients.

The meeting point for your tour with Giovanni will be 8:30 AM at your hotel.  At that point you will go by cab to your starting destination for the day. Cab fares are not in Giovanni's rate included.

Rome’s Top Guide Giovanni is looking forward to unveiling Rome's historic past; as Giovanni welcomes you to his wonderful city where you can throw your own “Three Coins in a Fountain” with the wish to return again to Rome. An American in 2001 was heard to remark to her group after a tour with Guide Giovanni~  "To meet Giovanni is to meet Rome"...."He is a great Host of all of Rome - its charm past present and future comes into one through his storytelling Giovanni weaves a rich tapestry to include thousands of years of history into contemporary fabric that gives new meaning to the visitor.  An unforgettable experience of a lifetime for all ages. It will be the first of many Giovanni Tours as one becomes quickly accustomed to his generous hospitality and the fun and ease of  the tour."